Exercise Physiology is the practice of identifying and correcting improper movement patterning that has led or can lead to the onset of pain.

 Our exercise physiologists are trained in movement pattern correction, the identification of muscular imbalance and the correct re-training process to fix the identified problem. As well as musculoskeletal pain our exercise physiologists are trained in lifestyle management and lifestyle modification programs designed to have a positive impact on the following conditions:


·       Metabolic condition and weight loss

·       Musculoskeletal injuries and movement based pain

·       Sports conditioning and physical fitness

·       Corporate health and wellness programming

·       Balance, postural adjustment and retraining

·       Neurological and psychological health and lifestyle management

·       Gait adjustment and retraining


What can expect from your session with an exercise physiologist at MyCare?

This will depend on your goals, but you will initially receive a full health/wellbeing/lifestyle/goals/physiological assessment. Depending on your goals, your session will include cardio exercise as well as resistance (weight) training. You will also receive a home program to ensure you meet your goals in a manner both safe and conducive to your health.

We recommend wearing anything that you feel most comfortable exercising in, as well as a water bottle and towel. Comfortable exercise shoes are also advised for safety reasons.