ESSA Accredited Exercise Physiologist
ESSA Accredited Exercise Scientist
Bachelor of Exercise and Sports Sciences (Major in Clinical Exercise Physiology), First Class Honours

Rielan’s experience includes working with a range of clientele from healthy populations through to chronic disease management and elite athletes in a variety of settings including clinics, gyms and hospitals.

He has come from a background in a variety of sports and is passionate about health and fitness. He has an analytical approach to improving movement efficiency and body mechanics through exercise with the goal to improve athlete’s performance, and to help clients to achieve their goals and feel better.

Rielan has had experience with a range of conditions and movement dysfunctions including:

  • injury treatment and prevention
  • musculoskeletal, cardiac, pulmonary, neurological and rehabilitation
  • strength and conditioning
  • workplace health and wellness programming
  • balance and postural adjustment and retraining
  • gait adjustment and retraining programming
  • fitness and lifestyle pursuits

Rielan would be the perfect fit for you if you need guidance or direction to assist your pain, chronic disease management, exercise performance or general fitness through functional mobility, cardiovascular and strength training.

Rielan is available Monday to Friday. You may book online or over the phone.