Eating for Easter

Michelle’s top tips for healthy eating at Easter

  1. Enjoy your favourite chocolates; it IS Easter after all! All foods can be enjoyed without guilt, particularly for special occasions. 
  2. While enjoying Easter eggs and hot cross buns, be mindful about how many "treat foods" you are having. To help with portion control, avoid bulk buying (indulge in your absolute favourite luxury Easter eggs instead!), go for small or hollow Easter eggs rather than big Easter chocolate bunnies, and serve out the amount you will have in one sitting so you can clearly see how much you're having. By putting the rest away where you can't see them, you're less likely to overeat simply because a food is there. 
  3. Remember to stock the fridge with plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables (aim for 2&5...2 serves fruit and 5 serves veggies a day) and still have a healthy balance of your core food groups (grains, meat and alternatives, dairy and alternatives, fruits and vegetables) through your day. 
  4. Make the most of the long weekend by doing some exercise. Half an hour a day of movement you enjoy on most days of the week keeps us fit- and helps to balance out some of the extra energy we might be consuming over Easter!

For extra tips and information, check this page out! 

By Michelle Lin 

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